About us

Prima NOTA UAB began its activities in the beginning of 2010 (at that time known as PRIMA SERVICE UAB) by representing the well-known German manufacturers of furniture components and providing a full package of logistics services to our first major foreign customers. In 2013, a decision was made to separate international trade and international logistics departments and at the end of the same year the company was restructured into Prima Service UAB (focusing mainly on international logistics) and Prima NOTA UAB (focusing mainly on international trade).

Nowadays we, company Prima NOTA, are a successful and rapidly growing international business agency, operating internationally in the fields of wholesale and business consultancy. As before, we represent the German furniture fittings manufacturers in Central, Northern and Eastern Europe. Our suppliers are  leaders in their respective fields in Europe and huge global players. Our working area currently includes all three Baltic countries, Finland, Sweden, UK, Germany, Italy and Poland.

At the moment we are the authorized and exclusive sales representative of the following companies in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia:

"BURG F.W.Lüling KG" - mechanical and electronic locks for furniture
"PÖTTKER GmbH" - table extension mechanisms
"ILSE Technik GmbH" - table lifting mechanisms
"DIEFFEBI / TECSAL Spa" - metal drawer system and metal office furniture

For more information please visit our homepage: www.primanota.lt